CPAs are entrusted with their clients’ personal and confidential information. Consequently, CPAs don’t refer their clients to just anyone. Trust is imperative in a relationship with a mortgage broker. The Wright Team has proven itself to be trustworthy – your clients’ satisfaction is our top priority.

If you are a CPA, chances are many of your clients are self-employed. And as you know, being self-employed can present problems when it comes to securing financing due to the difficulty in deciphering their tax returns. The Wright Team has options for your self-employed clients. We have partnered with a number of trusted lenders who will take a “make sense” approach to the complicated tax returns so your self-employed clients can get the best financing possible.

Whether your clients are underwater, have complicated tax returns, or are simple wage earners, we have options and sources for your clients. Let The Wright Team be your client’s advocate through every step of the process.  Contact us today!

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