Divorce/Family Law Attorneys

As a divorce attorney, the scope of your responsibility often carries over into the realm of real estate. We understand the high calling of attorneys to advocate for your clients and to secure the best situation possible for them and their families, especially during times of high stress and upheaval. You need a trusted mortgage broker to educate your clients and secure the best deal for them with the least amount of stress.

If your newly divorced client wants to keep the family home and remove his or her ex-spouse from the loan, they need to refinance the house.  Complicated divorcee decress and judgements can frighten many lenders.  The Wright Team has the right solotions and sources for these situations.  Furthermore, if your divorced client has investment properties but doesn’t want to sell them due to the tax liability, we can help. We are experts in refinance programs that involve 1031 Exchange transactions in which proceeds from the sale or refinance can be rolled over into another property without incurring a tax liability for either individual.

With The Wright Team, you have choices. Let us put our extensive knowledge and superb negotiating skills to work for your client today. Contact us today!

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